Monday, May 9, 2016

"None of Our Hands Are Clean" is Selling

People are buying "None of Our Hands Are Clean". If you haven't, join the crowd. Don't delay - get a copy (or several) today.


Amazon paperback

Barnes and Noble's website

Other notes:

- Recently, I got a "Square" to facilitate sales. That tool is easy to use, and I can complete sales anywhere. It's fast becoming my favorite gadget.

- My advertising is coming around. I've been in contact with a few folk, and the novel's getting more attention. Today, I've to do more marketing & networking. I'm excited about the opportunity.

- Yesterday, I got my first semi-firm offer to do a book signing, probably in a few weeks. More to follow on that.

- Save the date - SEPTEMBER 17th. I'm honored to be one of the writers gathered for the BWABC Literary Festival. We'll be at the Cook Convention Center, 255 North Main, 10a - 5p. I'll be there selling & signing copies of the current novel. I'll also be there teasing the next novel.

- I attended the 2015 Festival, and it's a blast for readers of all ages and genres. If you're in the area, please stop in.

- Speaking of the next novel, I plan to get back on the re-write this week. I want to have that story on the market this fall. Let's see how that works out.